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Domiciliation in Ukraine

With a virtual office in Ukraine, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. The virtual office is a type of service that allows companies to maintain a physical address in Kiev or in another city in Ukraine, all while maintaining a flexible workspace and a remote work business model.

This option is suited to companies across many different industries, particularly those who operate in the services industry or who have international clients. Companies who are involved in manufacturing in Ukraine can still set up a virtual office in a chosen city, and at the same time maintain a regular manufacturing facility, or warehouse, as may be needed in their business sector. Read below to find out more about the general services that come with a virtual office in Ukraine.

Our company has a vast experience in company formation in Ukraine and virtual office services and can help you throughout the incorporation procedure.

A dedicated virtual office package

When choosing to work via a virtual office, you benefit from the main office features and amenities, however, you are not constrained to having to maintain the respective office space yourself or as part of the company’s overall costs. The office and the amenities are part of an office building that is managed by a service provider and you will only have to pay the costs for the package you choose.

For most companies, the standard virtual office package offers enough options to run their Ukrainian business. Of course, when extra desks are needed or a meeting room is required for special meetings, you can book them in advance.

The Virtual Office package provided by CompanyFormationUkraine.com contains:

  1. Prestigious business address in Kiev for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients;
  2. Registered office necessary for establishing an Ukrainian company;
  3. Mail collection and forwarding – Mail is collected, packages are signed for and sent to you 8-according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  4. Incoming and outgoing faxes – Use our local fax number; we’ll collect and send faxes to you, wherever you are;
  5. A local phone number in Ukraine – Provide a local phone number to all your contacts;
  6. Voice mailbox – All of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email.

Along with the standard virtual office Ukraine packageour team also provide the following additional services:

  • Dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
  • Call redirecting – Specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number;
  • Collection of bank statements;
  • Extra usage of the meeting room.

Depending on the chosen package, you can opt for one or more private offices or for desks located in the shared workspace.

You and your team will enjoy the flexibility of only having to work from the virtual office location as needed. In fact, this increased level of flexibility is one of the most important the advantages of a virtual office in Ukraine. What’s more, the address of the virtual office building can be used when incorporating the company. A registered address in Ukraine is mandatory for resident companies and, once you choose to use this service, you will be able to use the address for opening the company. It will be the address for correspondence received from the Ukrainian authorities as well as the address publicly available to those who perform a registered companies search.

Reasons to invest in Ukraine

Ukraine has been gradually opening up to receive more foreign investments and a closer look at the country reveals that it offers particular opportunities to foreign entrepreneurs.

Some of the top advantages are:

  1. The country’s location in Europe: several international transport corridors pass through the country, making it ideal to base a logistics company;
  2. The low costs: compared to other countries in Europe, Ukraine offers low costs for starting and managing  a business; as previously mentioned, a virtual office in Ukraine can further reduce these costs;
  3. Human value: the country has a high percentage of people with tertiary education and the workforce is skilled and focused on technical abilities;
  4. The business opportunities: investors can choose to open a company in Ukraine in many different sectors, among which we can mention manufacturing, financial, communication or trade.

According to the Ukrainian investment promotion agency, operating under the Cabinet of Ministers, 39.7% of the foreign direct investments in the country, as of the end of 2020, was in the manufacturing sector. Other data reveals the following:

  • in 2020 the value of foreign direct investments was 48.9 billion USD and in 2019 it was higher, at 51.4 billion USD;
  • the second sector to receive the largest percentage of foreign direct investments after manufacturing is trade, with 16%, followed by 9.3% in the real estate sector and 9.2% in the finance and insurance sector; the IT and communication industry is also growing, with 6.3% of the total foreign direct investments;
  • in 2020, Cyprus was one of the countries that contributed most to Ukraine’s foreign direct investment, accounting for 30.6% of all investments; it was followed by the Netherlands with 20.4%;
  • the value of exports in 2020 was 45.1 billion USD, 49.1% of which were agricultural products, followed by ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Are you a foreign investor from Cyprus, Netherlands, the UK or another country in or outside the EU/EEA? We can help you open a company in Ukraine.

Starting a business and running it via a virtual office in Ukraine can be the most suitable solution for your needs. Contact us for more information about our services and the steps we can help you with after you have decided to open a company in the country.